A good student (The client has a role too)


Does their homework - If you ride more than a once a week lesson make sure you practice what you worked on in your last lesson. Sometimes people need the time to quietly work on a new skill without any outside influence.


Stays open-minded - What is working for you and your horse today may not tomorrow. For instance, your instructor telling you there is too much bend in the neck may change to you need more bend around the ribcage when your horse learns to accept the outside rein. Dressage is a dynamic!!! In more ways then one!!!


Sets goals There is nothing like a horse show or a clinic to get you motivated. Set short-term and long-term goals and remember it is okay if you miss the mark. Just realizing what the goals are will move you more forward than not setting any expectations at all.


Comes ready for the lesson and has fun - You pay good money for the hour lesson make sure you are properly prepared. Give yourself plenty of time to unwind from work or home before going into the ring. People who ride dressage tend to be a bit hard on themselves, remember this is not your job, but a hobby and you should have fun. Laugh at yourself and your horse will too. Remember they are a barometers of your emotions.


Eats well and exercises - Riding correctly uses a lot of your core stabilizing muscles. Cardiovascular and weight training will help your endurance and give you a better seat. Eating right will make exercising and riding easier