Dressage Lessons and Training

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Jane training with John Zopatti in Wellington

There is a quote from the movie “Philadelphia” it goes, “Now, explain it to me like I’m a 4 year old.” This has stuck with me since the first-time I heard it because this is how I view teaching. A teacher should be able to break-down any subject matter or any skill this clear and concise. It is only then that I believe someone really understands what they are teaching. I speak from experience. I have taught middle and high school classes for 20 years and I have taught riding/dressage lessons since the mid 80′s. I, Jane Whitehurst am a perpetual student of the art of Dressage. Although I know more then I did yesterday, I know it won’t come close to what I will know tomorrow. I joined the Suncoast Dressage and Combined Training Association sometime in the 80′s where I still remain a member today. There are just a couple of us “old timers” left in the club and we often reminisce about the way we “use to do things.” Dressage was pretty new to Tampa back in the 80′s and versions of dressage then were not nearly what they are today. I learned every wrong way to ride before I got on the right track. Warmbloods were a rare sighting back then so we took our off the track Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Heinz 57 horses and we forged down the center line. Finding good dressage instruction and training is not a rarity today. Finding a quality horse to get you to your desired level is a lot easier too. If you are new to the dressage world, open up the following files for qualities of a good instructor, good trainer, and a good student.

Good Instructor
Good Trainer
Good Student
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Jane training a western dressage horse

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Angela and Illusion in a lesson

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Celia and Colonel in a lesson

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See you in October

I provide Dressage lessons or training at my farm in Odessa FL or in the Tampa FL area.  Please call or email me using the form or phone number on the contact page.

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