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2006 Imported Belgium Warmblood Bay Gelding 16.3hands.  V. Tales XX  x  M. Roxanne Van’t Muiken (Landaris)  On the top Northern Dancer XX  on the bottom LadyKiller XX  Asking price $25,500  Three lovely gaits, the canter is a dream.  This horse has so much natural lift. His ground manners are impeccable, and he is the most loving horse.  He is good for clipping, the farrier, trailering, going to new places.  He is not crazy about having his mane pulled but he just lifts his neck.  He is never rude, never pins his ear or offers to kick, never bucks, rears or anything.  This horse is not a fighter.  He gets along with people and other horses.  No vices in the stall at all. I have a rather extensive pre-purchase exam with radiographs that I will share.  They were very clean.  I have not had one health issue with Gunnar except for putting him on ulcer medicine for a month.  His legs are clean, no scars of any kind anywhere on his body.  No signs of colic, there was some diarrhea in the beginning but giving him Alfalfa hay helps and the ulcer medicine.  Currently, he is on neither and doing fine. I purchased Gunnar from a third party in Ocala in March of 2015.  I was told that he was bought by a jumper professional who winters in Ocala.  According to this party they over jumped and stressed the horse then put him to pasture for a year.  He was very thin when they got the horse and were working on putting on weight and starting him under saddle again.  I am not sure the date when the horse was brought over from Belgium because I can’t find where it indicates that on his passport but I do know he was still in Belgium May of 2012 since I found a dental evaluation form for the horse from a dentist in Belgium. After three weeks of having Gunnar in training with me, he bolted.  He had been scooting under me off and on in our previous rides and I figured he would just settle down and it would stop.  I did not realize how stressed this horse was until he took off with me and ran through my outside aids and I was wiped off on the fence in the ring. As soon as I was able to get on my feet again I started working with Gunnar in hand.  It became crystal clear that Gunnar did not trust humans or know how to communicate with him.  He was very distant and would stare off into space.   He couldn’t lunge without losing his mind.  He was frozen in place when I did whip cues and asked him to move away from the whip.  It was hard for him to move his shoulders or his hind legs because he had no bend around the rib cage he would just bend in his neck.  I knew in my heart that Gunnar was a good horse that had been given a raw deal but my husband needed verification so we took him to an equine behavior modifier. For 19 days Gunnar was in a strict program.  It didn’t take long to make the assessment.  Gunnar was not a bad horse but a horse that had been stressed too much.   Someone had taken advantage of Gunnar’s good nature and pushed him to the point where he just wanted to run away from the stress because he didn’t know how to cope.  So that is what his training became all about.   Gunnar would be stressed, (his heart and respiration would go up), then he was allowed to relax.  Soon Gunnar started to get the idea he could think about the situation and not go into instinct mode and flee the scene. I brought him home after 19 days since the trainer was having a medical procedure and continued the work at home.  I could already see a big difference in Gunnar, but I knew he still needed more work on his mind so I took him back for another month. On September 25, I brought Gunnar back home where he has remained with me ever since.   It has been such a pleasure to see this horse evolve from a scared, timid creature to the loving, fun and happy horse he is today.  I still do some prep work before we ride either lunge, or long drive, or free jump but only for a short while.   I ride him without incident and have taught lessons on him.  He is very tolerant and sweet.  We started jumping him under saddle again with a kind, young rider and he trust her and looks forward to their work.  Sometimes she feels him get a little tight after a jump and we stop and pet him reassure him and he is happy and ready to go again. To the serious buyer I will provide the name and number of the behavior modifier that helped Gunnar come around.  He is a big supporter of this horse and believes the right person will have an amazing horse.  The talent is there for either jumping or dressage, although I lean towards jumping.  He loves it!! I will update videos as his training progresses.  I believe in being extremely honest when selling horses.  I will reveal and tell you everything.  This horse is looking for the right person.   Please no brokers whose interest is only a commission without a care for the horse.   I have not put the work and time in this horse to find him go to the wrong home.  I want to see him succeed.   If you are looking for a great horse and you can spend the time to get him there and you are a horseman or a horsewoman who cares about the welfare of these animals you will have an amazing horse.


Bonifatius (Eric)

Bretano II  X Rhapsodie  (by Ampere)

1998 16-hand Imported Hanoverian Gelding

Vanessa and Eric smiling Horses for Sale  Congratulations to Vanessa Shayan on the purchase of Bonifatius, (Eric). Eric has made the journey to New Hampshire where he and Vanessa will begin their partnership. There was an instant connection between the two when Eric, who can be reserved, put his head on her shoulder. Wishing many happy days of riding to both of you and we look forward to pictures along the way!!!!!   Eric Ring work 1 pic Horses for Sale  Vanessa and Eric smiling2 e1426093505271 Horses for Sale
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