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Baselisk is a registered 2006 imported Dutch Warmblood gelding. He is approximately 16.2 hands. I have owned him for almost two years; riding him dressage and conditioning his body. Recently, we took him over some fences and realized just how much he loves to jump. No surprise since his pedigree includes some big names like Lady Killer, Lucky Boy and Nimmerdor. Basel has a major over stride in his walk, a springy huge trot and the most rhythmic ground covering canter. His changes are clean and big. What we have learned in the short time of jumping him is that he will go over anything with calm enthusiasm. He almost makes an old dressage lady want to jump again. Basel will do just as you ask him and never seems to get upset if the jump isn’t perfect. He just looks to the next fence. Basel is the same at home as at a show. The whole experience from trailering him from your farm to taking him into the show ring is such an easy pleasure. Basel is brave and loves anything new and different. Trail rides are a must and galloping across the field with him will make you feel like you could do anything. In any discipline he looks for a kind rider with soft hands that gives lots of pats and in return he will take care of his rider and charm the pants off of you with one look from his beautiful, kind eyes. On the ground his manners are impeccable.  Basel is a quality horse and his price is set at 30K due his lack of experience. As he continues his training and we add more shows the asking price will reflect that. Thanks for watching the video and know this was literally the 5th ride Michelle ever had on him. There is also a video of him doing flat work showcasing his quality gaits. If you are interested in this healthy, happy horse please call Jane 727-254-3554




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Romeo is a unregistered appendix QH. He is 14 this year. I adopted him from Horse Protection Association of Florida almost 6 years ago. Romeo has been in a lesson program teaching many students the art of dressage. He has been to numerous schooling and rated shows doing Training and First Level.  A year ago he showed Second Level.  He did well especially for having to start collecting more then usual in a short time Two scores at 58, one score at 60 and one at 61. The two higher scores were at Second Level Test 3. Now, he is much more collected and is doing flying lead changes and half passes. He loves to keep his mind active. Trail rides are a must for him it can’t be all about the ring. He is my forever horse but right now I am too busy with lessons and training to give him the time he deserves and wants. Romeo does not spook, bolt or buck. His naughty habit that he acquired while being the mount for lesson riders is drifting out of the ring when you don’t keep he’s shoulder’s level and ride him with your outside leg. He loves to call you out if you are not keeping his engine pushing but he is also a confidence booster and will make you feel like you can really ride well. I am looking for someone to full lease him at my barn and take weekly  lessons.  Please call me 727-254-3554   Video was taken about 4 months ago.  Romeo is more through and stronger in the connection  New video coming soon!


Bonifatius (Eric)

Bretano II  X Rhapsodie  (by Ampere)

1998 16-hand Imported Hanoverian Gelding

Vanessa and Eric smiling 225x300 Available Horses  Congratulations to Vanessa Shayan on the purchase of Bonifatius, (Eric). Eric has made the journey to New Hampshire where he and Vanessa will begin their partnership. There was an instant connection between the two when Eric, who can be reserved, put his head on her shoulder. Wishing many happy days of riding to both of you and we look forward to pictures along the way!!!!!

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