Program Details

Feed and Hay

We feed high-quality feed and Canadian T&A Hay. In the winter when the grass is sparse, we place mounds of Tifton hay out for the horses to munch on during their turn-out time.


12X12 stalls on clay not concrete flooring with mats. Water buckets each have their own valve, they are kept filled and scrubbed once a day. The backs of the stalls have Dutch doors so horses can look out without bars. Bars are along the sides and stall fronts with sliding doors. Our horses don’t feel isolated because they can see each other. This barn was built with the idea that at least 350 days out of the year it is hot. Our barn is comfortably cool because of the high insulated roof and individual orbital fans. On those rare cool and windy nights, we close the back doors and sheet or blanket depending on the temperature. Twice a week, we provide fresh shavings. Your horse will be monitored often throughout the day and the last check is at 10pm. With 2 families on the property, very little goes unnoticed at Nosara Farms.

Horse Turnout

If your horse gets along with others than the big field is the best bet. About 6 acres of lush grass and lots of shade area. Usually no more than 6 horses go out in the herd. If your horse is better alone, we have 6 individual paddocks of varying sizes. All paddocks have access to shade and water.

Dressage Arena

Footing: Base of the ring is crushed and pressed limestone.  The footing is clay and 250 sand mix.  We added just a little clay to tone down the bright white sand.  Layout: We have our 20’x60′ dressage ring within a larger ring which is fenced all around with a gate. The dressage ring itself is open in places allowing for riders to ride in and out which is a big help when there is high traffic. On the short side are beautiful full-length mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to check your position and make sure your horse is traveling correctly. For example, keeping your shoulder-in on three tracks. For those boarders who get off work and it’s dark, our ring has bright lights so you won’t miss any riding. Lastly, we have jumps and cavalleties for those that are interested in cross-training. Our round pen is currently in need of new footing, but we have that on our to do list!!!

Places to Ride

Big field (available in the afternoons), Dressage Arena with mirrors, or trail ride throughout the neighborhood.

For the boarders

We haven’t forgotten about the people! Our tack room, though secure, spacious, and clean is not our finished product. We look forward to the day where it is completed like we envisioned. Until then, we have a clean bathroom, refrigerator, and hot water for the horses in two different areas. More importantly, we love social activities together whether horse related or not.
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